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After yesterday’s attempt at a ball which ended up as a flatten sphere I decided to have another go today. This time I managed the shape but chose a piece of silver birch from my store which, as I progressed with the turning, turned out to have a few flaws/cracks in it. In order to […]


Turning my attention to ‘lookalike’ bananas I decided that these couldn’t really be turned. After drawing around a real banana I cut the shape out with the bandsaw. Bananas are five sided so marking the area to be removed with a pencil I proceeded to sand it using my belt and disc sander. Once again […]


Today I decided to try making ‘lookalike’ apples so I turned them in the normal fashion from a piece of 70mm x 70mm pine from a local store then, using a water based dye, coloured them yellow. Mixing a red/orange dye and applying it sparingly using a fairly dry small paintbrush I immediately wiped it […]