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Working with Plywood

I have worked with plywood before and found it quite interesting. This time I added two strips of Zebrano (I thought the grain tied in nicely with the ply) to the glue up but only used cheap plywood which I knew would contain a lot of voids. I turned to a minimum thickness of 12mm […]

More colouring experimentation.

Following on from my blog on the 5th I moved onto to a similarly shaped piece only larger this time. This one is 128mm high x 108mm diameter at the base and 76mm diameter at the top. This is a piece of Leylandii that has been under cover for about 12 months. It has dried […]

Subtle Colouring

Due to a job being delayed I have had another chance to do some more turning. This was a small piece of unknown wood with very little in the way of grain pattern so after turning it I gave it a quick coat of oak stain and immediately wiped off the excess. Then I mixed […]

Birthday Blanks

It was my 60th birthday a few weeks ago and one of my step-daughters and her husband gave me a selection of hardwood bowl blanks. The other day I finally got the chance to get into the workshop again. It seems like months since I’ve done any turning so I was really looking forward to […]

I just needed to do some turning.

It seems ages since I last did any turning. I had a large leylandii goblet sitting in the chuck that I had started some weeks ago. It had been sanded and varnished so I just had to part it off then finish the bottom. After parting it off I put a piece of scrap wood […]

I’ll be honest . . .

After a few weeks out of the workshop doing things like having a holiday and a couple of visits to see our new grandson I finally got back in there. I had decided to try some more eccentric turning. It was all going well and I was about 70% through the project when I caught […]

Any wood is fine.

Looking through the wood pile I found half silver birch log that I had split and left about a year ago and also an off cut from a piece of leylandii. I measured some of our plastic egg cups and found that the piece of silver birch was just big enough to use so I […]

A Thingamy with an eye in it!

I sort of wandered into the workshop today with no real idea of what I was going to do although I had been watching someone turning a winged bowl on YouTube the other day. I had a look through my wood store and found a piece that was long and narrow and seemed to suggest […]