Archive / May, 2013

Any wood is fine.

Looking through the wood pile I found half silver birch log that I had split and left about a year ago and also an off cut from a piece of leylandii. I measured some of our plastic egg cups and found that the piece of silver birch was just big enough to use so I […]


After yesterday’s attempt at a ball which ended up as a flatten sphere I decided to have another go today. This time I managed the shape but chose a piece of silver birch from my store which, as I progressed with the turning, turned out to have a few flaws/cracks in it. In order to […]

A Thingamy with an eye in it!

I sort of wandered into the workshop today with no real idea of what I was going to do although I had been watching someone turning a winged bowl on YouTube the other day. I had a look through my wood store and found a piece that was long and narrow and seemed to suggest […]

Bank Holiday Monday

I escaped to the workshop today as it was a Bank Holiday and we decided not to go out. I’ve had a Banksia nut lying around for a few months and a few minutes studying it provided me with inspiration for the shape but it wasn’t wide enough to do it all in one and […]