New menu created

I’ve created a new menu today ‘Bracelets / Pendants’ and added thee bracelets and three pendants to the section. One or two more items added to the ‘Other’ section too.

New shop added

I’ve been busy today. Six bowls and four vases added to the site and I’ve opened an Etsy shop and added links to it from all the pages. More photos to come as the week progresses hopefully – now I’m on a roll.

Christmas Eve

Well that’s it! No turning done at all this year but the good news is that the outside of the new workshop is complete. Now I just have to get electrics in, kit out the inside and unpack all my gear from the garage. A few more weeks yet then!  

Moving house and all that . . .

It’s been a long time since I posted anything! We took the decision to move house at the start of the¬†year and also had a three week visit to Australia to see my step daughter. My workshop remained packed up for a long time until we finally moved in August. Since then time has been […]

Working with Plywood

I have worked with plywood before and found it quite interesting. This time I added two strips of Zebrano (I thought the grain tied in nicely with the ply) to the glue up but only used cheap plywood which I knew would contain a lot of voids. I turned to a minimum thickness of 12mm […]

More colouring experimentation.

Following on from my blog on the 5th I moved onto to a similarly shaped piece only larger this time. This one is 128mm high x 108mm diameter at the base and 76mm diameter at the top. This is a piece of Leylandii that has been under cover for about 12 months. It has dried […]